You have to be an Imposter to have the Syndrome, Right?

Dissent knit 5.5.19
Self-promotion: Knitting my Dissent Cardigan, no matter where I am!

Okay, so I just figured out that I have a case of imposter syndrome. I’ve been seeing posts and emails about this where people I respect and value speak their truth into how they overcome this, or why it shouldn’t matter.

I have second guessed myself so much – some of the reasons why I haven’t posted recently is because I believed that I didn’t have a lot to say, that no one would turn up for me, that I don’t have enough to offer, all that. 

You know what? It’s true!

I don’t have a lot to offer just yet – but I’m just starting, and no one else did at my level either.

I don’t have a lot to say just yet – because I haven’t allowed myself the space to speak.

No one is turning up for me? I have already made some incredible friends through Instagram, through sharing my work, through championing and supporting others. And even if they weren’t there, why should that matter? I need to turn up for myself.

I couldn’t even believe that I had imposter syndrome, because I couldn’t give myself enough grace to believe that I can do what I do.

I need to allow myself to champion myself better – to show up for myself, and promote myself.

In that vein of thought: I’ve just written 3 new designs (the first one, Auseklis, coming out in September 2019!), I’m about to swatch for the fourth, and the freedom I thought would come with writing down my patterns has only grown into the press of further designs rattling in my brain, demanding space and action.

I give myself, and yourself, permission to leave the doubts behind you!

What has been holding you back?

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Hi! I'm a 25 year old living in Western Australia. I'm passionate about craft, sustainability, and making my world a better place. When I'm not teaching high school social sciences, you can find me knitting and reading (usually at the same time), cooking, or finding some form of craft to get better at!

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